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Felicity, an American Girl

Gaahhhh I’m so sad. I loved the American Girl dolls when I was young, and I remember my friends and I used to get together with our different dolls for a time an play with them. Everybody loved Kirsten and Samantha, but I favored Felicity and her bright red hair. I just found out they discontinued her :(

I remember reading her stories over and over, especially the first book, and staring at the beautiful artwork. The illustrator is Dan Andreasen.

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    My grandma took me to American girl place in Dallas and I insisted on getting Lissy because she was being discontinued...
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    WHAT?! WHY! And Kirsten too?! Kirsten was my first doll and because of her, I tried to actually teach myself Swedish at...
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    I always wanted one of those dolls… didn’t care which one, I loved all the books. We were too broke tho :(
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    What I remember/miss most from the books is Penny the horse - because she was as golden as a penny!
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    Really? Nooooooo…*sniff* *sniff* I loved all those dolls, they were so great, with historical context and stories that...
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    Molly and Addy are the only original dolls left. Josephina was added to the collection after the original 5. Kit was...
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    My first name is Felicity and I always wanted one, although I had the books. We couldn’t afford the dolls, as they were...
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    Yeah, knew they discontinued some. I had Felicity, but always wanted a Molly.
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    NOOOOOOO KIRSTEN WAS MY FAVORITE! It’s a good thing I got the Samantha doll when I did.
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    Fun Fact: I own all twelve historic American Girls
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    So sad! I loved American Girls. I had a Felicity doll! They changed all of the illustrations and artwork for the new...